M is for Mine and Yours

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Most of the people in the village loved living next to the sea. There were the rolling waves to listen to, the chirp of gulls on a summers day, and even when the sky blanketed the village in grey, the villagers enjoyed the extra energy of the crashing waves. It wasn’t without danger though. Tidal waves, hurricanes, tornadoes and even extra high tides were a constant threat and to some in the village, if they could have moved to higher ground, they would have. But most people are too poor to move away, so they stayed and prayed that the sea would not take them before their time. There is a saying, ‘Finders keepers, losers, weepers.’ Should we always simply ‘keep’ that which we find? Or should we make an effort to return property to our rightful owners when we find it?

This comprehensive pack includes: A fully scripted assembly with key questions throughout, a reflection, prayer, and personal promise: A PowerPoint presentation (PDF) complete with engaging images to support learning; A set of Key Word cards to deepen understanding; and a Reward Certificate to reinforce learning.

Themes explored include: good to be me, kindness, honesty, relationships positive, respect.


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