Florence Nightingale

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In 1820, life was very different for women than it is now. If you were born into a rich or privileged family, it was expected that as a little girl you would grow up, spend some time socialising at some wonderful dances, before finding a suitable husband and getting married. Florence Nightingale didn’t follow those expectations. Instead, she spent a lot of her life working towards better treatment for the poor and sick in Britain and around the world, and in doing so, she helped to change the way people thought of women and how they should live their lives.

This comprehensive pack includes: A fully scripted assembly with key questions throughout, a reflection, prayer, and personal promise: A PowerPoint presentation (PDF) complete with engaging images to support learning; A set of Key Word cards to deepen understanding; and a Reward Certificate to reinforce learning.

Themes explored include: Nursing, Compassion, Poverty.

born: 12 May 1820; died: 13 August 1910


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